I'll be honest.  I have two lives. I am an archaeologist. I am a jewelry designer...and I love to do both!  I've always been drawn to people who have led great adventures and I have listened, spellbound, around campfires, in workshops, classrooms, anywhere, anyplace, to anyone who was willing to tell me about their life.  My archaeological training honed my listening skills and my fascination grew with people who have a tale to tell.  I listened then and I still their past adventures... to their present successes...and to their future hopes and dreams.  I am privileged to witness someone's life through their words, and I love to hear and remember their beautiful story.

As a jewelry designer, I want to continue to be a part of those stories, and your story!  Jewelry design, just like archaeological story-telling and listening, requires an intentional focus on detail. The details are what I love and what is reflected in my pieces.  I love jewelry that looks like it has stood the test of time...and come out the victor!  Subtle color choices, selected wire wrapping and soldering techniques, the use of natural and semiprecious stones and the choice of materials are what make my pieces unique.  And I hope some of these pieces will become a part of your life story.

My friend, I wish for your adventures to be grand and engraved in your memory -  and that there is always someone beside you to listen to your stories!

I invite you to browse my designs. Ask questions. Even request a custom piece.  Tell me how I can be a part of your story!